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Corfe Mullen Gardening Club  September / October 2014

Over the past summer months our lawns have been looking dreadfully dry and parched.  Now, I'm not in the habit of using a hose pipe or sprinkler as I am on a water meter.  You could say old gardeners are a bit tight.  Surprising how just one or two gentle downpours of rain will perk the lawn up and give it some colour.  Nature has a wonderful way of righting itself.  As we come into the autumn period we have opportunity to give our lawns an end of year feed and they will reward us for it.  Bear in mind an autumn feed needs to be watered in after three days if there is no rain.

It is surprising how our Leylandii hedges grow so well up to September.  Before I get out the hedge trimmer the one thing that I do, is to brush the hedge with a good stiff brush to tease out all those small little tangled branches.  It is very important to have a sharp hedge trimmer otherwise you will see a lot of brown on the face of the hedge where it is bruised and not been cut clean it is also important not to cut into bare wood.

Have you noticed in the garden that you never need to propagate a weed? They have a wonderful way of dropping their seeds when you are not looking.  I do try to remove them before they seed, just by pulling them up as it is so easy in our sandy soil, if I am honest I very rarely use a hoe.

I noticed that my little pond needs some attention as it is covered by duck weed.  There is no moving water as it is solely for the wild life and no fish in it.  This is a good time to have a look at things and clean out any debris and remove plants that have taken over.

As I look over my shrubs there are Buddleias that have finished flowering and can be pruned, reducing by a third.  Forsythias that have put on a lot of growth and needs to be reduced otherwise my rhododendrons will be stifled.

We are coming to a time when our Heuchera's can be divided especially if they are two or three years old.  Always make sure that plants divided or cuttings are firm in the ground or in pots.

Our garden centres will be displaying all the bulbs for next spring.  It is worth giving time for a new colour scheme or to try something different.

Go on be adventurous.

From Rodders,  the retired gardener.

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