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Corfe Mullen Gardening Club  July/August 2015

This last two months our Rhododendrons, Azaleas and Syringa’s have given us a wonderful show, and now I must remember to give them plenty of water to form  next years buds.

Talking of water, any plant in a tub or hanging basket relies on me for a drink.  My Dahlia’s which I have left in the ground all through the year are now up and it is a good time to give them a drink  with a feed of Tomerite which is high in Potash.

I noticed that my Apple tree growing on a trellis is well loaded, so I have spent a bit of time thinning them out and pruning one or two branches that are not bearing fruit.

Most of my shrubs which have flowered have now been pruned, but, if you are keen to take a cutting or two dip them in some hormone rooting powder knock off the surplus and make sure that it is put firmly in the ground.

To keep the summer bedding plants looking good it is useful to give some pellet fertilizer and of course dead head along the way.

My rambling roses which are in their third year have an abundance of flowers but one or two stems that have gone straight up I have trained them half-moon shape which will encourage flower bud shoots to develop.

My conifer and box topiary have all been cut and shaped, the summer raspberries are being picked so what more does a man need than to sit and admire his handiwork and feed on a bowl of raspberries and cream.

Enjoy your garden.

From Rodders,   the retired gardener.

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