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Gardening tips from Rod Hill

Corfe Mullen Gardening Club March / April 2016

Well, I have not been hibernating over the winter months, but having a look round the garden to see where I have space for plants and shrubs and to see what jobs need to be doing when the weather is warmer and calmer.

My mower, strimmer power saw and hedge trimmers have all been serviced and ready to be used.


What I have done is a severe prune on the buddleias as I noticed there was a lot of dead wood that needed to be taken out and encourage some new growth from the bottom. I have finished pruning the roses and will be giving the Clematis Varicella’s a prune down to about 15” at the end of the month and then give them and all my other clematis a  good feed of Tomerite which is high in potash to stimulate new growth.

My topiary will be having an early trim to keep it all in shape.

To encourage our Dalia tubers, they have gone into some peat boxes where they can begin to shoot before going out into the garden.

Towards the end of the month and on a warm morning the lawns could have some attention with a light cut and the moss treated. In April I shall be thinking of  putting on a Spring  fertiliser: a weed, feed and moss killer combine.

With the Garden Centres trying to sell us so many young bedding plants we need to be careful with any late frosts.

As I look carefully at the shrubs I notice the little buds opening up, a sign of new life, Spring  Easter.

Corfe Mullen Gardening Club starting a New Year.

From Rodders,  the retired gardener.

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