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Gardening tips from Rod Hill

It is that time of year when I shall have to replenish the pots of old daffodils to make way for some new summer plants.  To be honest some are still looking real good, however I must not forget to give them a feed of Tomerite before I lift them restoring there energy for next year.

If you have started your Dahlia's off in the greenhouse or garage you could increase your stock by taking some cuttings or dividing up last year’s clumps.

Now is the time to be busy on the lawn if weeds and moss are irritating you. Giving a treatment of Spring weed feed and moss killer, then scarifying the lawn with rake or electric scarifier and spiking the lawn with a fork to aerate will perk up the lawn.

I notice that a number of perennial plants are beginning to show signs of life especially the hosta’s If you need to divide them up it can be done with  a spade or very large sharp knife.

It is a good time to have a look around your pots especially those plants that are kept in the greenhouse or under glass, as the Vine weevil could have been busy over winter.  If you see an infestation of these little blackish spiders about 5/16 of an inch long or just over ½ a centimetre you know that you will need to get rid of them and the soil, but do not compost.

As the Adults do not fly, a sticky traffic band around the pot will stop them walking up, or a good depth of pea gravel on top to stop them going into the soil to lay their eggs should do the trick.

I hope you don’t have to many sticky situations around the garden, enjoy

From Rodders,  the retired gardener.

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Corfe Mullen Gardening Club May / June 2016

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